Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Stack

I have an addiction to matte eye shadows. They are a staple in any make up routine. I have a vast collection of matte shadows. My favorites by far have consisted of MAC cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, & Makeup Geek. They just never let me down. Then approximately a year ago I ran across MELT Cosmetics via Instagram and I watched them post and saw they created Stacks. Now I am not one to get caught up in hype. Most of the time I am essentially let down. So I finally decided to buy them, than as luck would have it they were sold out for months..insert sad face... But two weeks ago they restocked! YAASSSSS! So I did not hesitate right at 12 noon I placed my order....and I am so glad I did. The stacks are hyped for a reason.

First, lets start off with the wonderful packaging. Magnetic, in this time of bulky palettes that just seem to be getting bigger and longer. Melt went Vertically! Thank you <3 I could literally shove tons of these in one drawer and be set for life.

Next, it matters;) The eye shadow size is unimaginable. The best part I USE every shadow in the stack. I had an endless run of purchasing cute palettes and would only use a handful of the shadows that the palettes had to offer. Either they had 2-5 matte shadow and the rest look like a disco ball graveyard or they would have those 1-3 random shades that the 80's were screaming to take back. I wasn't about it. With the exception of my MAC palettes which are fantastic because I customize them myself. So no weird or randomness there. The other brands releases left me a little bemused that I owned things I was never going to use.

Melt Shadow vs. MAC Shadow

Than we have pigmentation. The Dark Matter Stack is a perfect blend of what I see as essential to a great eye.  1. A transition color  (sadly some palettes lack one I can use) 2. A punch of excitement that belongs...which in this case is Enigma, is an exciting color that balances on the edge of safe. I wear this all over my lid, in the crease, as liner. It is such a versatile color that you will not be intimidated by. 3. Texture, sadly some shades in other palettes look so great and than just fall flat. None of these do that. Makeup Geeks Corrupt is hands down my favorite black shade. The texture is velvet and has a deadly punch of color. The Dark Matter Stack has an amazing black as well called....Dark Matter. It goes on smoothly and has great color pay off. All the shadows in the stack have the same great pay off and texture.

 Natural Light 
Shades (L-R): Enigma, Unseen, Blurr, & Dark Matter

 With Flash
 Shades (L-R): Enigma, Unseen, Blurr, & Dark Matter

I rate the the Dark Matter Stack:
Get or Forget: GET
Pigmentation: 9/10
Texture: 9/10
Price: 10/10
Packaging: 9/10

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ColourPop Collection: Super Shock Cheeks

The last few months I have been steadily building my ColourPop Cosmetics Collection and I have made two collection videos. I figured it was time to start a series here on my blog. To help you guys when making either your first, or subsequent purchases with ColourPop.

 I am going to start with the newest items released by ColourPop which is their line of blushes, aptly named Super Shock Cheek.

The texture of these is thicker in feel then their matte shadows. They have 23 shades in total. The finishes consist of 15 Matte, 7 Satin, & 1 Pearlized shade.

The shades I picked up are; Holiday (Matte), Early Bird (Matte), Birthday Suit (Satin), Between The Sheets (Matte). 


Out of all of the ones I picked up I have to two daily standout favorites.
1. Between The Sheets- ColourPop describes this as "a mid-tone beige pink in a matte finish" I would 100% agree with that description. This is a safe everyday neutral blush. The blush that literally goes safely with any look. Be it day time or night time. Safe isn't boring, safe is versatile. I highly recommend this shade.

2. Holiday- ColourPop describes this as "A true mid tone peachy pink in a matte finish" again perfect description. But, for me this blush screams Summer. It is bold, but safely bold. Because it is that mid tone shade the color is bright but subtle. The perfect middle ground between safe and bold. You guys know I love peach shades. This is one of my favorites already, right up there with some of my high end limited edition shades...gasp I know. That speaks volume. ColourPop is quality.

 Between The Sheets, Birthday Suit, Early Bird, Holiday

The other two shades I picked up I still love the shades. But if I were to rank them for you on personal preference this is the order they would go in. The great thing about personal preference is our lists will always look different then our beauty neighbor so to speak.

3. Birthday Suit- ColourPop describes it as a "neutral pink in a satin finish" I don't know if I would necessarily call this neutral pink, to me it is not so much a muted pink as much as it is a true pink. I think neutral and I think no strong undertones. Not to bright, not to dark. This one is more pink. But not in a bad way. I really like the sheen/shimmer in this blush. You can wear it either with or without a highlighter. So it is a great blush for when you're running late and don't quite have the few extra minutes to pop on some highlighter.

4. Early Bird- ColourPop describes this as "A bright red coral in a matte finish" Yes, Yes, & Yes. To-A-T (pun intended) that describes it perfectly. It is coral with a kick of fire in it, hence the red undertones. This is a vibrant, bold, and flirty shade. Great for a night out, with a simple eye, bold wing, and strong lips. The flush this leaves on your cheeks is just breath taking. I am pale so for now I do have to wear it with just one thin layer. But when Summer gives me my tan, watch out!

All in all ColourPop is consistent. They make all around amazing products. From the packaging, appeal, quality vs. price. They just nailed it and their blushes are no exception.

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