Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks

I have a pretty extensive lipstick collection. I love everything from high end to drug store lipsticks. I figured I could do a series by brands. I am going to start with some of my favorite from the drug store by Maybelline, from the Color Sensational line.

Collection: Maybelline Color Sensational 

  • Mauve Mania- This is a gorgeous cream finish, berry lipstick. It is perfect for a wide range of skin tones. Also, a absolutely perfect shade for Fall & Winter!!

  • Must Have Mauve-This is one of my favorite Purple/Pink shades. It is a cream finish lipstick. I love this lipstick because it makes a statement without going overboard. 

  • Warm Me Up- This is a great deep, everyday, cream finish pink. Because it is slightly deeper then your standard everyday pink it can be worn anytime of year.

  • Pink Quartz-One of my newest favorites. It literally is NARS Sin in a Lipstick tube! It is Mauve with gold shimmers! I am not usually a fan of shimmer finish lipstick. But, this is just to beautiful for words. It is deep enough but not to deep for my skin tone. 

  • Afternoon Tea- This is a great standard Pink. It is also a cream finish. This is the most wearable. But sadly it is a Limited Edition shade so getting your hands on it could be difficult. I hope they release it as part of their permanent line eventually.

(L-R): Mauve Mania, Must Have Mauve, Warm Me Up, Pink Quartz, Afternoon Tea

I hope you enjoyed my Maybelline Collection of Color Sensational Lipsticks. If you guys like these posts let me know and I will keep the series going!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Nail Of The Day: Halloween Nails!

I have been itching to do a Nail Of The Day for Halloween. I am cutting it pretty close lol but I did it. I wanted to do a look that was simple but stood out a bit. I think I accomplished exactly what I was going for.
Nail Of The Day: Halloween Nails

*Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat- I have been loving this! BEST PART...I got it on clearance for$1.04 at Target! They had tons too!
*Models Own Fuzzy Peach Nail Polish- Absolutely my favorite Orange polish! When I decided I wanted a Halloween inspired nail design that this would be the perfect Orange for any look.

*Revlon Black Lingerie- I applied this to my accent nails and for the dots layered over the MO fuzzy peach nails.
*Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat- Best top coat ever. Dries so fast and leaves a gorgeous shine.

There you have my take on Halloween nails. I hope you like the design I did. I can not believe Halloween is already here! I love this time of year so I am not complaining! Lol
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekly Beauty Haul!

This week I have my Weekly Beauty Haul for you guys. With so many great Fall lines coming out from some of our favorite cosmetic companies. I foresee my weekly hauls becoming even larger in the months to come. As you will see from this weeks haul it has already begun!

Weekly Beauty Haul:
*Sleek Make Up Palette in Au Naturel- This has become one of my go to palettes. It offers both Matte & Satin Finish eye shadows in this palette. I you are a neutral lover like me than this is a must have.

* L'Oreal Project Runway Palette in Temptress' Gaze- Out of the new line this is the only palette that caught my attention. I feel with the shades in this palette. This is the most versatile palette for Day to Night wear.
*Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Cozy Cashmere- I really love the two shades on the far left of this palette. I don't really use the other two (matte) shades in this palette. Just because I feel it makes me look pale when I wear tones like this. I typically shy away from reddish hues when it comes to eye shadows.

*Maybelline Chic Naturals Trio in Almond Satin- Now this is not the most pigmented palette in the world. But I will say this is a nice palette for "young" make up users. I think it gives just enough change to their make up without going overboard. I am not an advocate for children wearing tons of product on their faces. But this palette I will even let my oldest wear to Jr High. Also, I like the crease shade to fill in my brows. I have also worn this palette on days when I wanted a very natural subtle eye look.
*MAC RicePaper Eye Shadow- This has to be one of my favorite highlight shades. It is so clean and not stark in contrast to my transition shade. So if you are looking for an eye shadow that gives you that beautiful highlight but doesn't look stark this is a must have for your collection.

*Bobbi Brown Correcter in Light to Medium Bisque- I have found a HG product with this corrector. Not only is it easy to apply and works on my dry skin (under my eyes only) but it also completely corrects my under eye circles! I have not touch a concealer since.
*Maybelline Line Stiletto- This is a great BLACK drug store liner. It is a felt tip applicator. Which I know some people are not a fan of. Typically I am not a fan either. But out of all the ones I have tried I will say I like that this applicator doesn't have to much "give" to the flexibility of the wand. Which gives you more control. I love that it is black in one swipe!

*Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eye Mascara- Now I will start off by saying this mascara is by no means a miracle mascara. It is not bad, but nothing I would advise you to run out and get. I got this mascara more out of curiosity because of the claims of a "cat eye" effect. Now with that said I will say that this is a very defining mascara, but for the claim of volume I will say it gets a F. I actually saw ZERO volume added to my lashes. If you want a good volume mascara from the drug store. Pick up the Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume. That one has been the best I have found for volume from the drug store. My favorite High End is the Benefit They're Real for both definition and volume.
* L'Oreal Project Runway Blush in The Muse's Blush- This is such a gorgeous dusty peach blush. I have been wearing it almost daily since I picked it up. For me out of the Fall Collection this is a must have blush.

* L'Oreal Project Runway Blush in The Mystic's Blush- Now this blush reminds me quite a bit of the NYX blush in Angel. It is a very soft shade. I would probably only recommend this blush to individuals with fair skin tones.
*Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stick in Pink Quartz- This is a MUST have FALL lipstick shade for me. If you love NARS Sin blush you must get this for the Fall. It is a mauve toned lipstick with gold shimmer. Even against my light skin it deepens my lips without making me look pale.

*Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Stick in Sky Pink (matte)- I really love this shade of lipstick. Now it is not something I would typically purchase. As bright shades like this don't always look good with my skin tone. But this one is a exception. I have gotten so many compliments in person and in photos. It is a great matte lipstick as well.
*Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Stick in Pink Pout (matte)- Now this is a staple in beauty lovers like me collections. It is a great everyday pick shade that will easily transition from day to night and compliment almost any look you pair it with.

*Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Pursuit- Now I got this because of EmilyNoel83 on Youtube! This gloss is so pigmented and needs no base shade to bump it up.
*NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in New Lover- This is a very nice pink shade with a slight sheen of gold to it. It is glossy and very pigmented. I have been enjoying this lip pencil. I have a few other NARS lip products and will say they are some of my favorites.

*Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Nude Beach- This has to be one of my favorite lipstick lines ever. If you love creamy lipsticks that need zero gloss topped over them and are super pigmented you need at least one of these in your collection. This is a great nude/slight pink shade when swatched. On my lips it pulls more nude.

*Revlon Minted Nail Polish- This is a great mint shade. I think out of all the mint shades I own, I like that this one is more on the paler side.
*Sephora By OPI Betsy Johnson Polish in XOX Betsy-This is a wonderful nude for people with fair skin tones. I have to be careful with Nude polishes as some can wash me out. This one is simply just the best I have found. Sadly, the line is discontinued at Sephora. I found this on Clearance for $5.00 but hopefully you can still find them.
*Essie Lapiz of Luxury- This has to be my all time favorite blue polish. I have quite a few and just love that this polish is right in the middle of being either to bright or to light.

*Sinful Colors Polish in Smokin- This is a great Grey deep cream polish. Now it is funny that I got way into the shade Grey before it became a Trend this season. But with this polish my love of the shade continues. Shoes, Clothing, Polish, Make up! I don't see it ending soon!
*Wet N Wild Mega Last Nail Color in Deadly Dose- This is from the LE current collection. I like this polish because it is a very sheer gold. Most gold nail polishes stand out way more then this polish does. But honestly that is what I like about this shade so much it is a subtle gold.

So that concludes my Weekly Beauty Haul I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you would like any further reviews on any of the products I mentioned in this haul. Let me know below and I would be happy to do them.
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