Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wet N Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection buys!

I was at my local Walgreen's and spotted the new Wet N Wild Fergie Collection display! I had this on my list since reading a few blogs and seeing people post sightings on Instagram! From the collection I picked up two items. I still want to try a few other items. But, I wanted to start with a few must haves for me first.

To Reflect Shimmer Palette in Rose Champagne Glow-

  • Retails: $5.99
  • Size: 0.4 Oz
  • Packaging: Sturdy and closes securely. 

Now I really wanted to try this because it reminds me slightly of a favorite highlighter of mine that has been discontinued from Josie Maran. The veining is nice throughout the product. The texture is slightly dry on first swipe, but after additional swipes the product become more or a satin texture. 

LipStick in Fuchsianista-

  • Retails: $3.49
  • Size: Regular sized lipstick tube
  • Packaging: Very sturdy and chic. In all honesty I hope they change the packaging on their other lipsticks to packaging like this. I would be willing to pay more for it.
  • Texture: Satin finish, I love the finish of these compare to the matte ones. The pigmentation is totally up to par with their regular line of matte lipsticks but, these are more moisturizing.

I plan on picking up another powder, liner, & more lipsticks to try out. Let me know what you guy recommend if you have tried out the line. Or what items you look forward to trying=D

Pictures and Content are mine. Please don't take.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque Review!!

Several weeks ago I received a few face masks courtesy of Neoteric Cosmetics for my consideration to review. Now I will not point you guys toward any items I do not think work. So keep that in mind when reading my review. They sent me the Montagne Jeunesse face masques and I was so intrigued. I have reviewed a few face masks in my time in the blogging world. So far I have only recommended one. Keep on reading for my thoughts on all the masks.

Hot Chocolate Pore Cleansing and Sauna Masque:


This literally feels and smells like Chocolate!! Amazing! It instantly starts to warm up my skin and I love it! This would be a great mask to use weekly. Not only for it's cleansing ability but because it is so relaxing.It really does feel like you went to a spa and got a treatment.

Would I repurchase: YES!

Strawberry Souffle Moisturizing and Purifying Masque:

Now I am always iffy about using face masques where seeds are the main exfoliate. Because I do have dry skin I do feel like I require more roughness in the product.This one was great I think it was more the contents of the masque. The fact that it is moisturizing as well as exfoliating is a total plus for me. The texture was nice and light.

Would I repurchase: YES!

Green Tea Peel Off Detox and Pore Cleansing Masque:

This is easily one of my top two!! Not only does it smell amazing, but in my opinion it works better then another well known drug store brand that I have tried. The texture is not to thick and not to thin. My skin felt amazing after using this one.

Would I repurchase? YES!

Clean Up Mud with Aloe Juice for Blemish Prone Skin:

The texture of this one was thick and super stiff once dry. Which with having dry skin is not a feeling I really like. But, it did work nice. Now as far as the claims about being good for blemish prone skin. I would have to use it more to determine whether or not that is correct.

Would I repurchase: Maybe

Virgin Olive Oil Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque:

The texture of this one is nice. It is not to thick but by no means is it thin. I really like how this made my skin feel. Very soft and supple. I don't remember it smelling very bad at all. 

Would I repurchase? Yes!

All in all I really loved the lot they sent me to test out. For sure I will be repurchasing a few of these for continued use. The Hot Chocolate, & Green Tea are by far my top two and I highly recommend those ones for sure. I have checked a few stores that sell these masks, but have not been able to find one of the ones I tested out. When I do I will be giving away my favorites to my subbies on YouTube so keep an eye out for that. I really love Montagne Jeunesse face masques and look forward to trying out more of their line. They for sure found a fan in me.

*These were sent to me for consideration for review. All thought are 100% honest and my own. I am not being paid to endorse these.

Pictures and Content are mine. Please do not take.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks!

Today while out shopping I found the latest lipstick line released by Maybelline had hit the shelves! I instantly sorted through and found the shades I knew I would use the most! Yes I had to resist buying more because the shades are all gorgeous. I put back the Nude one because it would have washed me out! But boy is it gorgeous too.

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks:

Mocha Muse: Is a gorgeous deep beige shade. It is not quite tan, and on my lips... Oh my goodness it makes my lips look like they have more volume to them!

Lust For Blush:  It is a gorgeous deep baby pink it is so pretty. Even on my pale skin it does not look like I shouldn't be wearing it.It also gives the same effect that Mocha Muse does. It actually looks like my lips have more volume. So weird but I love it!

The texture and finish of these are so lovely. The slide on like silk and they are super buildable. I love sheer lipstick that are almost mistake proof! These for sure fall under that category! They have every day shades all the way up to gorgeous Coral shades!

                                          Swatches: Left: Mocha Muse Right: Lust For Blush

The packaging is super sleek and not over ambitious which I like. The product is the main focus, as it should be.

This is a great product by Maybelline! Keep an out for them=D

Pictures & Content are mine, please do not take.
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette!

This is the newest raved about palette by Urban Decay Cosmetics it is called the NAKED Basics Palette. I wanted to give you guys my take on the palette for my giveaway and for purchasing purposes!

 The NAKED Basics is half the size of the Original NAKED & NAKED 2 palettes. Those come with 12 shadows this new palette comes with 6. The shadows are still the same size and great quality!

Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette:

  • Packaging: It has super cute packaging it is the rubberized material not only on the palette itself but also on the box it comes in! I thought that was pretty awesome!

  • Price: Retails for $27.00 on Urban Decays website.

Shades Included: 

  • Venus- a gorgeous champagne satin shadow, it is velvety soft and in my opinion the best satin/shimmer highlight shade Urban Decay has put in a palette!
  • Foxy- This is a repeat shade from the Urban Decay 2 palette, I wasn't to happy that this was in there. I don't really like having repeats in my palettes. But, at least it is a matte highlight shade. That is a plus.
  • Walk Of Shame (W.O.S.) I really like this shade, it is close enough to my natural skin tone that it can be used as a great transition shade, center lid shade, or matte highlight shade! I love when a shadow can be used any where on the eye like that.

    • NAKED 2- I love this shadow, this is like no shade I own...& yes I own A LOT! lol so that is saying something. I love when the simplest shades like this are present. It is one of those shades I can see myself using everyday.
    • Faint-This is a gorgeous matte chocolate brown shade! It reminds me of Charcoal brown from MAC & Omega mixed together! This is a gorgeous shade to do a smokey eye!
    • Crave- This is a deep matte black, I mean really deep it is deeper the Blackout from the NAKED 2 palette! You can see a slight shimmer to the black when you look at it closely under light but. I don't notice it transfer to my eye at all. 
    I think for the price this is an AMAZING palette! I think for the cost it is well worth it. The shades, packaging, and quality are typical Urban notch! Would I repurchase this YES, would I gift this to someone YES!  

    It also came with the NAKED Skin Beauty Balm Sample. I tried it and it makes me a bit to matte but if you have oily skin you may like it. It claims say Perfects, Protects, Treats, Primes, & Hydrates! 

    I hope this post was helpful if you are on the fence about purchasing this palette. I for one really like it. Also, I hope this helps my future grand prize Winner in my current 100 Subscriber Giveaway via YouTube as it is one of their choices!

    Pictures and Content are mine. Please Do not take.

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    Friday, December 7, 2012

    100 Subscriber Giveaway on YouTube!

    I am so excited because the other day I officially hit 100 Subscribers on my YouTube Channel!! I seriously have the best subscribers in the world. They are all so positive and interactive with me. Both on YouTube and my other social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook! I love the feed back I get from each and everyone of you guys.

    So as a Thank You I am doing a giveaway via my YouTube Channel


    • Must Like the video of the giveaway
    • Must be a subscriber, new or old you are all welcome to enter
    • There will be TWO WINNERS. The GRAND PRIZE WINNER will get to choose from either the LORAC Pro Palette or the new Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette. The RUNNER UP will receive the Sephora Pantone Universe Color Of The Year Eye Shadow Quad in Tangerine Tango.
    • The Giveaway will be held from 12/6/2012 until 12/20/2012. The Winners will be announced via YouTube and winners will be contact via the YouTube messaging system. 
    • It is open internationally! 
    So head on over and check out the giveaway Right Here before it is over and Thank you all again for being amazing subbies!!!
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    Saturday, December 1, 2012


    I have been thinking about doing this for a while. But Christmas shopping has been my main focus these last few months lol! But I finished on Black Friday. So now I can start my Craft list that I have had started since I got the itch after making my first nail polish rack a long time ago.

    You will need:

    • Picture Frame- The nicer the better, since you want it to be aesthetically pleasing. Mine I got at Kmart, it was originally $27 but was on sale for $17.98 plus I had 4 dollars in rewards. So I got it for slightly over $14! 
    • Cork Board- You can find this at any Art Supply, Michael's & Walmart also carries it.
    • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
    • Scissors 
    • Ruler
    • Fabric of your choosing 
    • Drawer Knobs & Screws (they usually come together) I got mine at Home Depot. You can use all the same knobs but I wanted to use more decorative knobs. 


    •  Remove the glass from the picture frame.
    • Measure and cut your cork board
    • Measure and cut your fabric, leaving enough excess fabric to hot glue to the back of the cork board.
    • Hot glue the fabric to the back a let cool for a few seconds.
    • Hot glue the back of the picture frame (if removable) to the back of the cork board.
    • Flip back to the front and measure and mark where you would like your knobs to be lined up. I chose to go for a 3 on top 2 on bottom setup so my necklaces have less chance to get tangled and my longer necklace can be placed on the outside if need be. 
    • Screw in the knobs, making sure to go through both the back of the picture frame and the back of the cork board for durability. 
    • Repeat with all 5 (or however many knobs you choose to use) 
    • Place covered fabric and backing back into picture frame and close with the tabs that come attached to the picture frame.
    • Hang and display your most fab necklaces!!
    There you have it my DIY for a necklace holder. I also am making on for my oldest daughter. Let me know if you would like to see that.

    I can always make a video for you all on my YouTube Channel if you would like. Let me know!=D

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