Monday, December 10, 2012

Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette!

This is the newest raved about palette by Urban Decay Cosmetics it is called the NAKED Basics Palette. I wanted to give you guys my take on the palette for my giveaway and for purchasing purposes!

 The NAKED Basics is half the size of the Original NAKED & NAKED 2 palettes. Those come with 12 shadows this new palette comes with 6. The shadows are still the same size and great quality!

Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette:

  • Packaging: It has super cute packaging it is the rubberized material not only on the palette itself but also on the box it comes in! I thought that was pretty awesome!

  • Price: Retails for $27.00 on Urban Decays website.

Shades Included: 

  • Venus- a gorgeous champagne satin shadow, it is velvety soft and in my opinion the best satin/shimmer highlight shade Urban Decay has put in a palette!
  • Foxy- This is a repeat shade from the Urban Decay 2 palette, I wasn't to happy that this was in there. I don't really like having repeats in my palettes. But, at least it is a matte highlight shade. That is a plus.
  • Walk Of Shame (W.O.S.) I really like this shade, it is close enough to my natural skin tone that it can be used as a great transition shade, center lid shade, or matte highlight shade! I love when a shadow can be used any where on the eye like that.

    • NAKED 2- I love this shadow, this is like no shade I own...& yes I own A LOT! lol so that is saying something. I love when the simplest shades like this are present. It is one of those shades I can see myself using everyday.
    • Faint-This is a gorgeous matte chocolate brown shade! It reminds me of Charcoal brown from MAC & Omega mixed together! This is a gorgeous shade to do a smokey eye!
    • Crave- This is a deep matte black, I mean really deep it is deeper the Blackout from the NAKED 2 palette! You can see a slight shimmer to the black when you look at it closely under light but. I don't notice it transfer to my eye at all. 
    I think for the price this is an AMAZING palette! I think for the cost it is well worth it. The shades, packaging, and quality are typical Urban notch! Would I repurchase this YES, would I gift this to someone YES!  

    It also came with the NAKED Skin Beauty Balm Sample. I tried it and it makes me a bit to matte but if you have oily skin you may like it. It claims say Perfects, Protects, Treats, Primes, & Hydrates! 

    I hope this post was helpful if you are on the fence about purchasing this palette. I for one really like it. Also, I hope this helps my future grand prize Winner in my current 100 Subscriber Giveaway via YouTube as it is one of their choices!

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