Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks!

Today while out shopping I found the latest lipstick line released by Maybelline had hit the shelves! I instantly sorted through and found the shades I knew I would use the most! Yes I had to resist buying more because the shades are all gorgeous. I put back the Nude one because it would have washed me out! But boy is it gorgeous too.

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks:

Mocha Muse: Is a gorgeous deep beige shade. It is not quite tan, and on my lips... Oh my goodness it makes my lips look like they have more volume to them!

Lust For Blush:  It is a gorgeous deep baby pink it is so pretty. Even on my pale skin it does not look like I shouldn't be wearing it.It also gives the same effect that Mocha Muse does. It actually looks like my lips have more volume. So weird but I love it!

The texture and finish of these are so lovely. The slide on like silk and they are super buildable. I love sheer lipstick that are almost mistake proof! These for sure fall under that category! They have every day shades all the way up to gorgeous Coral shades!

                                          Swatches: Left: Mocha Muse Right: Lust For Blush

The packaging is super sleek and not over ambitious which I like. The product is the main focus, as it should be.

This is a great product by Maybelline! Keep an out for them=D

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  1. I just found these today and bought three of them (Lust for Blush being one of them). Can't wait to try them!


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