Sunday, June 22, 2014

MUA Kit Essentials: MaqPro Palette (lightest shades)

If you guys saw my latest YouTube video, you know I promised to have this post up so you guys could get a better look at one of my most loved palettes from my MUA kit. I figured I would turn this into a series seeing as I have a few of these palettes and they are a staple in my kit.

The palettes I am talking about are my Maq Pro Palettes, otherwise known as Le Maquillage Professionnel Palettes by Maq Pro Paris.

To begin I am going to start with the lightest palettes in my kit. The lightest palettes consist of:

  • Fard Crème Palette in E.7 or Caucasian 1. This palette is great for almost all shade ranges in the light skin tone range. It contains 30 ml of product which is your standard foundation size. With the convenience of being able to adjust and create your own unique foundation shade.
  • Fard Crème Palette in PP01. This palette is tiny, it is smaller then the palm of my hand. But, the wells are deep. With the versatility of the Foundation palette but with more options for custom shades & correcting abilities. This is a great addition to have to the main foundation palette. This also contains 30 ml of product, so don't let the size of it fool you. It has just as much power as its big sister.


  • Fard Crème Palette in E.7: 198,170,118,1989,124,TL2
  • Fard Crème Palette in PP01: 170,TL2,111,52,41,124,131,91,CI,101

Fard Crème Palette in E.7 Caucasian 1
Fard Crème Palette in PP01


These are truly a dream to work with. They are a waxed based foundation. Which you think wax and you are like...? But, these foundations can literally last up to 12 hours on the skin. They can be applied with brushes or sponges. I prefer brushes. Versatility of wear is exceptional, they even make products to thin this out, I find it works beautifully just the way it is. It is easily layered. Coverage range varies from light-high coverage without developing the dreaded cake face.

The convenience is phenomenal. To be able to do so much with simply one palette is invaluable. They take up such little room in your kit. I highly recommend them and think they are worth every single cent.

If you want to see E.7 in action head over to my YouTube channel and check out my latest video:Here


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