Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TEST: Best NARS Orgasm Dupe!!

So today my Sleek MakeUp Blush in Rose Gold arrived and it got me thinking. I have so many blushes that have been said to be dupes for the famous NARS Orgasm. I also have NARS Orgasm (in my Danmari Palette) so I figured I would put them all to the test and see who comes out the winner.

Dupe Test:

*ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Duo: Now when I first heard about this product it was on Youtube and everyone was raving about how it was a great dupe for NARS Orgasm. Which at the time I did not own. So I of course picked it up. I did compare it once I got Orgasm. But during my dupe test today it is clearly the least like NARS Orgasm out of the bunch. It is cooler pink toned compared to Orgasm and is not very pigmented. So this guy took last place in the dupe test!

*The Balm Hot Mama!: Now this blush is almost there in the color spectrum but is lacking in the finish department. If you have or have seen a swatch of Orgasm you will notice shimmer with a slight glitter to it. Hot Mama lacks that aspect for only that reason it is now a 3rd place finisher.

*Sleek MakeUp Rose Gold Blush: Okay now the only reasong this gorgeous blush took 2nd place is because it is...TO PIGMENTED! Yup! If you guys own Orgasm you know it take two passes to transfer the perfect color. Sleek's Rose Gold blush is so pigmented you have to be careful with it. Because then it can be a stronger version of NARS Orgasm. But still a gorgeous and in my mind great dupe if applied right=D

*Too Faced Who's Your Poppy? Blush: WINNER! Now in choosing the winner I was looking for the closest finish and pigmentation. The other blushes were either too pigmented or not pigmented enough or were off by a shade or finish aspect. But not Too Faced Who's Your Poppy? Blush it is the closest thing I have seen to an exact dupe. Now price wise this is cheaper then NARS Orgasm. It retails for $19.00 where as NARS Orgasm retails for $28.00. So there is quite a bit of savings just between the two. They look exactly alike so say your cut off point for blush is $20.00 you have a great option in Too Faced Who's Your Poppy Blush!!

I do still love Sleek Rose Gold & Hot Mama! I really think if you guys can get your hands on them they are worth having. The Elf Palette I never pick up but in my opinion it is nothing like NARS Orgasm. Just remember these are the items I own that I think best had a chance of being the closest to NARS Orgasm.

So there you have it the WINNER: Too Faced Who's Your Poppy Blush next time you guys are in a retailer that carries both like Sephora swatch them side by side! Great dupe!

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  1. Oh, thank you so much for the great tests! I've never used ANY of those products, so reading your post was definitely helpful!!!

  2. Very informative and useful post! I have Rose Gold and I agree, it is extremely pigmented and not the easiest blush to apply for that reason. The shade is super pretty though, but I find it more a coral than a pinky-peach. The Too Faced one does look very similar to the NARS.


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