Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: Project Runway Collection!

Today I want to Review my Loreal Project Runway Collection items. As soon as I heard about them I went out the next day and got them. I am so glad I did because now most of the popular items are getting harder to find.

Loreal Project Runway Thoughts:

*Watchful Owl's Gaze Palette- This palettes has some gorgeous neutral colors and they are all pair together very nicely. My favorite colors out of this palette are the Gold & Deep Brown that has gold flecks. They go together so well! The only color that is a bit chalky is the top right champagne color. It still leave good color but it takes effort.

*Sultry Raven's Gaze- This Palette has amazing colors in it. Not only in the way they are matched but in pigmentation. Even though it has a standard black in the palette it has flecks of silver and purple. My favorite colors from this palette are SILVER (AMAZING!) Purple, & the most unique color a brownish grey with flecks of silver and purple! I don't have any color like it in my collection!

*Watchful Owl's Super Blendable Blush- These blushes are a must have in my opinion. The quality is amazing and I really like how blendable they are. This color is a great Fall color for lighter skin tones.

*Sultry Raven's Blush Super Blendable Blush- This is a MUST have for me! It is a really pretty light pink and is great for everyday wear!

*Sultry Raven's Pout Lip Stick- This lipstick is and instant favorite. I literally use this almost everyday! The color is great with more dramatic make up because it is a gorgeous cool tone lipstick. It also goes great with every day neutral looks! So no matter what you make up preference it will work. On darker skin tones this would be a great nude. I really need to pick up a back up before they are gone.

*Blushes- $9.99 each
*Palettes- $8.99 each
*Lip Stick- $8.99

I everything but the Sultry Raven's Blush at CVS the blush I got atWalgreens. At CVS I got 10 ECB back and got 1 palette for free! So if you can find them at CVS you will get a way better deal.
So there you have my thoughts on what I have out of the Loreal Project Runway Collection. I hope you guys were able to get your hands on these collections!

*Pictures are mine=D!


  1. oh I like the blushes and the lipstick !! what's her name, Lolamarie18? I think on youtube, she swatched the watchful owl palette and her swatches did not look like yours, yours look amazing !!

  2. I don't even use primer or them wet. I really do think skin texture does make a difference. I have not seen her video. Were they not as pigmented? The come up very easy on me especially the Silver and Gold! They are amazing!


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