Sunday, November 20, 2011

Swatches: Newest Revlon Items Added To My Collection!

Hey guys today I wanted to do a post showing you my latest Revlon goodies only swatches of them on my lips! I know peoples pigmentation of their lips will slightly alter colors as they appear in the tube. So if your skin tone is close to mine and your lips are slightly pigmented then these would be a good representation of how the colors would appear on your lips also=D

REVLON Swatches:

*Decadent Lip Gloss- This remindes me A lot of NARS Na Na the only difference is it is lighter and has more shimmer. But I really do love this to rock the vampy look with out having to wear red. Great alternative! This is from the Christmas Collection. I literally got it before Walgreens was even planning to put it on the shelf because me and my best friend were talking to a lady at Walgreens who always tells me about the deals and she let us see these!!=D

*Lollipop Lip Butter- This is a gorgeous bright pink that looks good with toned down make up! I am really loving it!

*Sugar Plum Lip Butter- I love this color for anytime day or night! This and Red Velvet were my most sought after lip butters I found Red Velvet first at CVS and then Sugar Plum at Ulta=D So I am so glad I didn't miss out on the ones I really wanted.

*EggNog Lip Gloss- My FAVORITE nude lip gloss oh my word... It is the perfect consistency and does not wash me out!! This is also from the Christmas Collection and I got it at the sametime I got Decadent=D

*Creme Brulee Lip Butter- I love this nude lip butter it is so gorgeous. It just mutes out my natural lip pigmentation but yet again does not wash me out!=D

*Pink Truffle Lip Butter- This is a gorgeous everyday color and can be layered up to become bolder. But I love it no many how many swipes I use!

*Red Velvet-One of my first Lip Butters and oh my word is it Gorgeous! I am so glad I got it on the first shot. Because man would have I been disappointed if I couldn't find it. It is the most gorgeous deep red!!

There you have my newest REVLON Collection Swatches! I hope you enjoy them. I am sure I will get more lip butters but for now I have all the ones I actually wanted. As far as the lip glosses I think I just want one more. I saw the others from the new collection but some seemed liked they had a lot of glitter and I knew I wouldn't wear them. So there you have it. Let me know if you guys think I should check out anymore colors in the comment section below=D

*Pictures are mine=D


  1. I still need to find red velvet but yeah, creme brule and pink truffle are also two of my favorites, they're like the perfect nude

  2. They are!!!=D Sue you have to get Red velvet you are so going to love it girl!!

  3. everyone has been raving about these, i think i might need to try them out! Nice swatches! I like your blog, I am a new follower!

  4. Awww Thanks so much! I am glad you like my blog that means a lot=D Thank you so much for following me. I think I tried to follow you but couldn't see a link. I will try again if I didn't follow you already. These are really great products I hope you try them out and let me know what you think=D


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