Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beautylish is Launching a Shop!!

I have been on Beautylish for almost a year now and I love it! They have made some great new changes to there site! The coolest new one is they are Launching a new SHOP!!! If you guys read my blog either here on blogger or on Luuux then you know I haul....A LOT LOL I love being part of the Beautylish community and if you guys have not become a part of this great community of beauty lovers and bloggers you must check it out.

Beauty is my passion and I love learning and sharing my love of products with my fellow bloggers and followers! Beautylish is unlike any site out there. You can write reviews, like photos, engadge in conversations with other members under their "talk" section and start your own topic. You can watch videos on anything from nail to hair tutorials! Read amazing articles the list goes on and on. So if you have yet to check it out go here and sign up to become part of this great beauty community and to take advantage of the shop once it opens up!!


*Picture is not mine it is from Beautylish and is a print screen I made. The second picture is from when one of my reviews was featured on their main page. Do not take.*


  1. Oh, thank you for letting us know, I definitely need to check them out!! And thank you for stopping by my blog, it made my day:-))) I appreciate it!

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