Friday, July 20, 2012

Mini Collective Haul: Rite Aid & Walgreen's!

Yesterday evening I ran out after seeing someones post about the Revlon 40% off sale at Rite Aid. I totally commented on it. I can not for the life of me remember who it was or I would 100% give them credit. If it's you comment down below so I can give you credit please=D Forgive me in my old age people. I need to pick up some Ginkgo Biloba LOL

Rite Aid:

*Revlon #915 Creme Brulee- Oh my goodness the minute I saw this color I was all over it! I was lucky to because it was the last bottle. It is a metallic champagne-beige. Just beyond gorgeous.
P.S. Forgive me for my disheveled nails lol I broke my Index & Pinky nails lol

Rite Aid:

*Essie Nail Lacquer Yogaga- I was so excited when I saw this new collection. But this one screamed at me to buy it! Lol It is just gorgeous. It is a taupe/grey creme finish polish and I have it on my toes and I know it's not coming off for a while LOL
So there you have my itty bitty collective haul. I hope you all enjoyed it =D

  • Have you guys picked up any of the new Essie Yogaga Collection Polishes?

Pictures & Content are mine

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  1. I recently picked up all of the Yogaga collection polishes that Walgreens had, but I don't think I've seen that Revlon shade before. It looks really pretty on you!


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