Monday, November 26, 2012

BzzAgent Covergirl Blast FlipSticks Campaign!

A few short weeks ago I was notified via BzzAgent that I was invited to take part in the CoverGirl Blast FlipSticks Campaign. Now as you guys know I love cosmetics. In my whole collection I have my most purchased items would be Blushes, Lipsticks, & Eye Shadows in that order.

CoverGirl Blast FlipSticks Campaign Contents:

Everything came beautiful packaged which I always appreciate because attention to details like that make it more appealing to me.

  • 21 $2.00 off Coupon (on one) CoverGirl Blast Faststick Lipcolors.
  • Official Bzzguide- with everything about the product including; Created by Pat McGrath, There are 13 shades, Moisturizing Formula, Availability, Suggested Retail Price ($8.49), You can check out the shades on CoverGirls website or Facebook. 
  • 3 Full Size CoverGirl Blast FlipStick Lipsticks in the shades: Vixen, Minx, Stunner. 

Two of the shades sent to me are simply to dark for my skin tone. But I will be able to give them to friends and family that have a darker skin tone then me, which is nice. 

I currently am wearing Vixen and really like either shade alone or for an Ombre lip. I completely agree with the claims that they are moisturizing without feeling heavy. I also love that the coupons show the colors swatched on the models lips. Because of that alone I want to check out Pucker, Flashy, & Snap. Great marketing touch in my opinion. These are a nice product from CoverGirl Cosmetics and can not wait to pick up the shades I listed above! 
                                                                  VIXEN SWATCHED:

If you guys don't know what BzzAgent is it is a great site where you take surveys (not those pesky surveys) but ones where they fit items to your answers and send them to you to review. It has a great community or bloggers, and also has a very active Facebook site. Check out Bzzagent here  I love that they send me everything from cosmetics, to household cleaning products, to OTC Medication. It is a all around great site.

All Pictures and Content are mine. Please do not take.

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