Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Lipstick Loves!

The other day I stopped by Rite Aid to pick up some packing material for my blog sale and I had one shade of lipstick in mind that I was on the hunt for. Now I am very pale skinned so doing the deep berry lip can be tricky. But, I none the less had the ideal shade in my head and I FOUND IT! I also picked up a more wearable deeper pink/mauve shade. Because L'Oreal is BOGO  1/2 off at Rite Aid.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks:

  • Mulberry- This is a deep Berry shade. Literally shades deeper then any of the lipsticks I currently have. Yet still so wearable even with my skin tone. Really recommend this shade for us pale skinned beauties! I even got my best friend hooked on it and she has gorgeous olive toned skin. So this shade will look amazing with a wide range of skin tones!

 I love L'Oreal Lipsticks. The Colour Riche Line, Caresse Line, The Balm Line, Project Runway, Infallible  Lip Colour,  they just come out with such beautiful shades.  A list of my current favorites from L'Oreal:  Sultry Ravens Pout, Fairest Nude, Mulberry, Saucy Mauve, Sheer Linen, Rose Taffeta, Nourishing Nude, Tender Mauve, & Geranium.

  • Saucy Mauve- I love this shade because it is a more Fall appropriate shade, I have more PINK toned shades and even when I compared it to some of my deepest shades in my collection, this is a different shade and richer in color. So great addition to my collection. 
Now I Googled these when I got home and found that Mulberry is never mentioned in reviews so I might have stumble upon a gem for Fall. Saucy Mauve has been mentioned but obviously not very much even when searching Google. But, in my opinion it is a must have in any girls collection! 


Now you can tell I also picked up a NYC limited edition lip gloss in Venomous Berry. It is really nice. It leaves a semi sheer wash of colors to your lips. Great to top over Mulberry or to give your lips a little berry tint. I wish it was a bit more pigmented and a tad less sticky. Since I dislike sticky lip glosses. Like the liquid lip shine line from NYC. That line is not sticky at all. But it is not so sticky that it is annoying so that is tolerable. But the focus of this post is of course the L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks! AMAZING! 

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