Wednesday, January 2, 2013

LORAC Pro Palette!

If you follow me on my YouTube Channel you guys saw that I hosted a give away with one of the prizes being a LORAC Pro Palette. So I never mentioned having it because the options had to be a surprise. I originally got my hands on it right after it was released=D  But, now I can share with you my favorite palette of the year! If you guys do not own this you are missing out. It is a must have for me.


Packaging: Very nice and sturdy. My favorite part is how thin it is! For as much as it contains it does not feel bulky. It can get dirty because of the soft rubbery exterior of the packaging. But, can easily be cleaned with a makeup wipe.

Price: I think for the quality of the shadows and primer. As well as the shades and finish ranges this palette is 100% fairly priced. I have paid more for more extravagant palettes and was nowhere as satisfied with the end results or overall quality of those palettes. 

Texture & Quality: The shadows are smooth as silk and easily blendable. You can do an entire eye look and not need to reach for another palette to complete the look. Everything you could want is in this palette. This palette contains 8 Matte & 8 Satin/Shimmer shades. Thank you LORAC for knowing that make up lovers DO indeed love Matte shades. It is a pet peeve of mine when companies fill a whole palette with nothing but shimmer shades. 


                      Matte Row: White,Cream,Taupe,Lt. Pink,Mauve,Sable,Espresso,Black
                   Shimmer/ Satin Row:Nude,Champagne,Gold,Lt.Bronze,Pewter,Garnet,Deep Purple,Slate

Would I repurchase of gift? YES! 

This palette is a must have. It is great for travel and doesn't leave you wishing you had packed other shadows! You can do such a wide variety of looks day or night! This palette truly does not disappoint.

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  1. wow such a pretty palette. Love how pigmented the shadows look.

    1. It really is! I love all the shadows in the palette which is not normal for me. Usually there is one or two I won't touch. But, this palette is not like that for me at all=D

    2. Simera you will love it, it's AMAZING!!!

    3. I have had it since it came out and I seriously use it a few times a week still!:)


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