Friday, January 13, 2012

Cute Blog Award Nomination!

For this award you:
1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the award questions.
3. Tell something about yourself you haven't told anyone on your blog yet.
4. Award as many blogs that you think are worthy of this award.
5. Make sure you let those you gave the award to know that you awarded them.

Thank you so much to Holly Ann for Nominating me for the Cute Blog Award!! She is such a great blogger and a great friend and follower so check her out!!

Award Questions:
1. What is your go to makeup product?

  • Moisturizer...boring I know. But, If I am not careful my dry skin will take over and there will be madness!

2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
  • Puffy Shoulder shirts!!! I love them so much even my two year old has a few Lol I started wearing them at the end of 2010 but they didn't become a trend until 2011.

3. What is your favorite dessert?
  • Actually I don't really have one. I have a few I "like" but other times I eat a dessert they are just for an occasion. The ones I like are: Frozen Yogurt (YogurtLand is the best!!), Cold Stone- Mud Pie Mojo!! It has oreos, peanut butter, coffee ice cream and roasted almonds!!(I know weird combo but if works!) Lol I don't get to go there to often if I am in that spot it's because I am at Ulta if I am at Ulta shopping for make up I totally forget about Cold Stone LOL
4. Favorite color?
  • Green, Black, Teal
5. What is your middle name?
  • Eileen- Yes I was named after that one British song LOL "come on Eileen" LOL I figure my Mother wanted to keep a little bit of England with me LOL
6. What was the last song you listened to?

  • I was listening to Adele 21 the whole album while I was making dinner last night! She is amazing!
Something you don't know about me yet:

  • I have been a singer all of my life! No I am not joking Lol I was in Chorus from Elementary and up. I was part of Honor Choir, Ensemble and did MANY solos...Yes it was nerve wreaking but fun! 

I want to Nominate a few of the girls blogs I follow and frequent. Not just because they are Cute but also because they write great blog posts!

Holly Ann I know Holly already got one but lets tack another one on for good measure! LoL She puts in so much effort to her blog and it shows for sure. She also finds amazing deals, she does some great DIY items, & she love colors when working with make up which is amazing. I am more of a neutral girl but she makes me want to wear blue all the time LOL

Shannon- She is such an amazing YouTuber & Blogger. She always responds to her friends/subbies and she is crazy gorgeous! Her make up looks are always so stunning! I love that she is always mixing it up when doing her "getting ready videos" and she is just her and you can so see it in her videos. Love her shes amazing!

Eve I love Eve's Blog she puts in so much effort and writes about great make up goodies! She also makes me want to shop. Seriously I read her blog on MAC yesterday and I am totally itching to go shopping. But since I am on a no buy I have to fight it off! Lol

Krystal- Krystal is such a great blogger/YouTuber and she genuinely loves what she does and you can tell just by the way she talks in her videos and I love that about her. She is also such a great person and super easy to talk to. She is forever tweeting deals and it makes it so hard for me not to shop! LOL

Pang- Lamanie as I know her by. Is such a great blogger & she does makeup like WOAH....Lol. She is a very lovely person and comments on my Luuux blog very loyally! She takes great pictures and she tells you her true opinion which I love.

So please check out all these lovely ladies!! They all bring so much to the Beauty Community and reading their blogs will not only teach you some great techniques but it will also introduce you to some amazing people!


  1. Aw! Such sweet words! :D I'm so touched, thank you for the award AND Congrats girly on yours as well - your bloggy is quite cute and I have been really enjoying your posts (especially your hauls on Luuux, lol).
    Oh, and I super enjoy singing too - just not in front of people - can you believe I get so nervous that I feel like crying?! But, my babies enjoy it in and out of the womb ;)

  2. thank you for such sweet words! =D it made me smile so big!! it really was very touching and sweet! thanks for the nomination again. i agree with Krystal, i too am enjoying your posts! =)

  3. You are such an amazing blogger and person! You're also too kind because your comment just made my day. Blogs don't get any better than yours and I seriously looked up to you and the other girls for inspiration =D

  4. Thank you so much for the award and I certainly think that you deserve one as well. I've also tagged you for the 11 questions tag here


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