Friday, January 6, 2012

My New MUJI Make Up Organizer!

I seriously needed a make up organizer for my make up station where I get ready. I keep my most used items on hand and everything else I keep in my make up storage in my bathroom. I placed this order on the 26th and it was suppose to be here on the 29th by FEDEX but with New Years and the Holiday vacation it did not get here until early this afternoon. But I am so glad to finally have it.

*This is the 5 drawer set up
*The price for this is $27.95 Plus $7.95 Shipping & Handling
*It came packed very nicely
*It is a very sturdy. It Does not feel cheap.
*They also sell three drawer set ups incase 5 is not what you are looking for.
*This can actually fit your NAKED & NAKED 2 palette and still have room width wise. So they are the perfect size for your make up station.

*I put things in order of how I get ready. I have included pictures of each drawer and contents!
I hope you guys check out this if you need your favorite items easily accessible or if you are new to make up and need a storage set up.

Pictures are Mine=)


  1. Aw! so neat! :) I've been ooing at these drawers for a while now

  2. So organized! I have some similar drawers that are white, but I love that these are more sleek and clear!

  3. Love your blog :)
    Followed :)

  4. FOLLOWED! PLEASE FOLLOW BACK! :) love your blog!

  5. I really love these! BTW, I nominated you for the CUTE BLOG AWARD! =) Check out my post on it!

  6. @Holly I didn't even see this until after I checked out you page!! Lol Thank you love you are too sweet to do that!!

  7. This is EXACTLY what I need in my bathroom, I love it!! I had never heard of Muji before, I've just been searching all over for just the right storage and hadn't found it. I'm going to check these out right now :)


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