Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Lash Food!

Today I want to share with you guys my review of a product that I received from Beauty By Krystal in a giveaway. I was so excited when I got this because let's face it who doesn't excited when they see a product that claims to give us better lashes? I know I sure do & did! I googled this a day or so after getting it because I had never heard of Lash Food and after reading reviews I was very excited to try it out. So here are my results & thoughts!


Claims: "For sensitive skin. This formulation is packed with over 16 different types of performance herb extracts, copper complex, and essential provitamins to safely and drastically improve the appearance of length, thickness, and strength of lashes within just 4-8 weeks."
(from the website)
*Okay first things first my natural eyelashes are sparse, short & basically non exsistant! Lol I have included pictures from my EOTD from up to a few months ago & all the after pictures were taken this morning. I had taken a picture the day I started using it but I think my hunny erased it from the camera Lol

My Results:
After using this for 3 weeks I can 100% say this stuff really does work. For me it gave me Volume which you can tell by just the number of lashes I now have compared to the before pictures!!!

 Length it made my lashes so much longer you can tell the best in the picture of my lashes today with out any mascara on!! I have literally not put one pair of falsies on at all in the last week because I am really loving my lashes! Even my hunny noticed how much longer and oddly darker my lashes look without any mascara on.

 I followed the directions and used this in the morning and at night. I know the claims are that you see results after 4-8 weeks but for me it took no where near that long. Probably because I had squat to begin with Lol. This did not irritate my eyes in any way and was super easy to apply. Now to the one thing that maybe a huge downer to some the PRICE:$120.00!! Yes even I was like WoW! But honestly it worked so well I am crazy enough to contemplate buying it!! But they also do have an $80.00 version.I have not tried that one but it could be a nice alternative. I will link the website below if you guys want to look into it. But in my honest opinion it works so so well!

*The packaging is very sleek and nice.

*The brush is very nice and get perfectly into your lash line.

*Lash Food Site


  1. omgg. my real lashes are so ruined from wearing fake lashes everyday i so need to get this!

  2. It is such an amazing product!! It is a great conditioner and I have never had such volume and length naturally!!!!

  3. I'm so glad you did a review on this. I'm happy to hear you used it and that it worked great for you! :) That's a high price point - but it looks like it worked fantastic on you. If I had those results, I would definitely invest in this! oxoxo

  4. WOW! It really did make your lashes look thicker!

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  5. Eyelash growth serums also contain vitamins, seed extracts, and other natural ingredients to lengthen eyelashes and achieve maximum results. Unfortunately, some of them are formulated with prostaglandins, which are prescription-based and are thus intended under medical supervision only. So whatever product you choose, keep in mind not only efficacy, but also your overall safety.


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