Saturday, February 2, 2013

FLOWER High Shine Kiss Sticks Luxury Lip Color by Drew Barrymore

This past week I went searching for the new collection by the gorgeous Miss Drew Barrymore. It took me a day and 3 Walmart's later and I found them!! Now the collection is pretty extensive. I have seen a few reviews via YouTube and decided the first items I wanted to try was her High Shine Kiss Sticks Luxury Lip Colors. I will start out by saying the range of these lipsticks are AMAZING! Anyone no matter what their particular taste will be able to find a great lip color. The High Shine Kiss Sticks Luxury Lip Colors have day to day shades all the way to bright bold & deep shades! Total plus in my book. As I often wear lip color depending on my mood=).

Flower High Shine Kiss Stick Luxury Lip Color:

Packaging: Very nice, lightweight, and sleek. You do have to line it up perfectly but I don't think that is a big deal. I find the packaging very elegant for a drug store makeup line.

Price Point: $6.98 
I find that a very good price for the quality of this lipstick. These do not feel cheaply made.

Finish: Just as the name implies HIGH SHINE. You do not need a gloss over these.

Shade Range: AMAZING! No matter what their preference they will be able to find a shade of their liking. 

Wear Time: The two shade I got lasted about 4 hours on me with having to reapply. I only picked up bold shades so that is really great considering the high shine texture. The only thing I would suggest is with the bolder shades wear a lip liner as feathering can happen if worn alone.

Would I repurchase? YES and I will be picking up more ASAP!


  • Ginger Lily- Easily a DUPE for MAC's Ravishing! & half the price! This is a gorgeous Coral Shade that will compliment a wide variety of skin tones.

  • Petunia Petals- This is a gorgeous bright Hot Pink shade! IN LOVE! I love that it is more of a cool toned hot pink so it is very complimentary to most skin tones. 


(L-R) Ginger Lily, Petunia Petals

Overall I Highly recommend the Flower High Shine Lipsticks by Drew Barrymore they are the price point of a drugstore but the high quality of a higher end lipstick. I really love them and will be pick up more shades. 

Let me know if you guys would like me to review anything else from the collection. I would be happy to. 

Photos & Content are mine. Please do not take=)

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  1. wow the pigmentation looks impressive! I cannot wait to see this at my local wal-mart. The packaging also looks very nice. I'm surprised this is a drugstore product.


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