Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Julie G Nail Polish Collection!

If you guys watch my YouTube Channel. Then you all know how much I love Julie G's nail polish line. Not only is she an amazing guru, but she came up with a superior nail polish line in my opinion! I have been collecting her polishes since Jesse's Girl put out a few shades by Julie last year. So I thought I would share with you my small collection. It is seriously so hard not to buy every shade.

Julie G Nail Polish Collection:

  • Stiletto (in Jesse's Girl Packaging)- This is a gorgeous Taupe with fine Silver shimmers. It was my go to for months when it hit stores. 
  • Umbrella Drink- This is a gorgeous Peach with fine Silver shimmers. This is going to be a beautiful Spring shade!
  • You-Niverse- This is a very unique shade and like nothing I own. This is a wonderful Duo Chrome polish that shifts from Bronze to Green and Blue! So gorgeous!
  • Peep Toe Pumps- Perfect name for this cream berry shade. This seriously is my go to pedicure shade!
  • Elegant Edge- This is an Eggplant/Raspberry shade with a cream finish. This was one of my favorite Winter shades. It let me be able to wear the deep shades even though I am very pale.  
  • Royal Rebel- This is such a standout purple for me, because it is light enough that you know it's Purple. I love Purple shades but sometimes once I apply a second coat on my nails they can look almost black. This royal purple shade truly is a noticeable purple. The finish is almost like a Shimmer/Metallic.
  • Fierce & Fab- Now this has to be my favorite shade by Julie, it is bold and gorgeous. I wore it a lot during this past Summer. It is a Matte Finish nail polish. 
  • Bikini- This is a bright Hot Peach shade or as I call it my 80's nail polish! It takes me back to the days in elementary school when Hot Pink nails were all the rage lol! I love this shade. It is a cream finish shade.
  • Light It Up- This is my favorite Multi Glitter polish. It has different colors of glitter so it essentially goes with any look. I love that there are different sizes of glitter as well! This was part of her Christmas Collection.
  • Julie G (Jesse's Girl Packaging)- I believe in her packaging it is called Julie's Fave. This is the perfect Coral. It is also a cream finish. 
                                                               My Hindi Inspired Nails
                                             Using Julie G Polishes in Fierce & Fab, & Bikini 

You can see how pigmented the shades are. The price point is perfect, they Retail for $3.99 at you local Rite Aid or online at Jesse's Girl Website they still have her first collection available. The Packaging is nice and clean, and the brush is perfect. I seriously have zero complaints about these polishes. 

Julie shows you her collections on her YouTube Channel so check them out there and subscribe if your not=D

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  1. That's a nice collection. I see a lot of colors I like. You-Niverse looks like it could be a dupe for Chanel Peridot.

    1. WOW!! I never even thought of that! Great eye girly=D

  2. wow great collection! stiletto and light it up look super pretty :)
    xo; L&M

    1. Thank you! Stiletto is a must have. It is one of those shades you can just wear anytime of the year=D

  3. Love her nail polish line! I'm wearing Bikini right now :)

    1. It was a great idea for her to get a nail polish line. She picks some gorgeous shades=D


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