Monday, February 4, 2013

Skin Food!

Happy Monday guys!

Today I wanted to share with you my new favorite shop and items I purchased from there. If you have not heard of Skin Food it is a Asian brand. Which if you follow me anywhere you know I am a lover of Asian BB creams and companies. They just set the standard so high for BB Creams that so far American brands have not even come close to replicating their coverage and benefits.

So that being said you guys must realize how happy I was to see that my local mall opened up a new Skin Food store about a month ago. I went in for a BB Cream but they were sold out of my shade so I asked if I could prepay for mine, so that when my shade shipment comes in they will hold it for me. When I pick it up I will add that to this post.


  • Black Sugar Mask (wash off): This is an exfoliating mask that also has a touch of oil if feels like in it. When you apply this to your face it turns your face a fake tan shade. Don't be afraid it doesn't permanently tint your skin. It has a nice light lemon fragrance. It comes with 100 grams of product for $17.60 Via the Skin Food Website: Enriched with minerals and vitamins, this face scrub effectively exfoliates dead skin that prevents makeup application, while revitalizing skin.

  • Choco Eye Brow Powder Cake #2: This comes in 2 shades and each comes with 2 different eye brow shades of powder. That way you can use one of the other, or simply combine the two for your perfect shade. I have been really enjoying this, and yes it smells like Chocolate!! I love how secure the packaging is. This retails for $7.00

  • Nail Vita #BR612 Cappuccino  & #BR609 Mono Chocolate: These are such nice nail colors! I am really impressed and will be purchasing more. The texture goes on so smooth and they are very pigmented! These retail for #3.00 each. Via Skin Food website: With vitamin and keratin nutrients, it protects the dry and rough nails with excellency in shine and continuance

  • Nail Vita Essence: This is to be used as a base coat to help you nail polishes go on smooth. I am currently testing it out and will update this post with my thoughts after a few days of wear. Via the Skin Food Website: Enriched with vitamins and keratin, this nail essence provides nutrients to nails, preventing them from breaking and cracking. This retails for $3.00


Now I was so impressed when the girls asked all about my skin and then put a ton of samples in my bag for me to try out. 

  • 3 Honey Red Orange Masks
  • 3 Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence
  • 4 Fresh Apple Smooth Pore Cream (already used one)
  • 3 Gold Kiwi Toners
  • 1 Agave Cactus Toner
  • 3 Gold Kiwi Hydrating Masks (already used one)
  • Eggplant Eye Make Up Remover
  • Avocado Rich Cosmetic Set
  • Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Gift Set
  • Royal Honey Gift Set
I am sure out of everything I have to try I will find even more items I will end up loving!


Because of how much I have been loving these products, my next YouTube Channel giveaway will be for a SKIN FOOD PRIZE PACK! Keep and eye out for that video in the next week or so. 

Check out Skin Food

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