Thursday, October 27, 2011

My DIY Nail Polish Rack!

I am so excited to share with you what I built last night!!! I really needed a Nail Polish rack. But I really don't like the look of the plastic ones. I really wish they would design some really pretty ones. Yes I am a sucker for packaging. The cuter something is the better chance I will buy it LOL. So I saw a video by nguerriero19 on YouTube and I loved the look and the way she did her DIY rack I had to go do it. I actually didn't get to mount it until just a few minutes ago because my husband was at work. Then I had my sister in laws birthday. I am so so excited to finally have my polishes out of that poor box! Lol So here is what the directions are per nguerriero:
Nail Polish Rack Instructions:
1st foam board: Draw a horizontal line every 5 inches, this is your back board
2nd foam board: Cut 7 TWO inch strips horizontal (these will be your shelves & then cut 7 ONE inch strips horizontal (these will prevent your polish from sliding off the shelves)
3rd foam board: Cut 2 TWO 1/2 inch strips ( these will be for the sides of your rack )
-Take the 2 inch strips and glue them to the lines we drew on the first foam board. Don't forget to glue them to the top and bottom.
-Take your 2 1/2 inch strips and glue them to the side of your rack.
-Take your 1 inch strips and glue them to your shelves to keep your polish from sliding out!
-Secure your board to a wall and fill it! :D
I did everything she said. I will included her video as well! I already showed like 5 of my friends and they all want one! Lol You can buy everything at Walmart it cost less the 20 dollars just like she says. I bought the last 3 foam boards from Wally World. But I am sure you can find some. They also have so many cute duck tape designs. She said she didn't find hers there I did. Here is a tip. They have a few packing ones in Arts and Crafts but they are thin. If you go to Hardware they have TONS! And it is actual duck tape.
It was so funny my husband came in and asked if I wanted help=D It is so funny because if any of you know him. You know how hands on he is. He doesn't care what kind of project it is. He is game! LOL He drew the line and cut them ( I swear he doesn't trust me!) LOL
I have in total 84 or 86 polishes on the rack so far I am sure I can easily fit 96 polishes. It comes out so sturdy and doesn't feel like it will break or anything. I already have plans to modify it and make a wide on for my next one. Which I am sure will be soon as I am almost out of room on this one.
My polishes don't slip or slide around and you can store it anywhere. Your makeup room, bath room etc!
P.S. my measurements are not exactly the same as hers in the video because my husband said it was in inefficient! Engineers brain at work ladies and gentleman! LOL
So check it out and let me know if you guys make one!

All the picutres are mine=D The video is property of nguerriero19!


  1. omg that looks gorgeous and pretty simple to make! right now my nailpolishes are just displayed on my dressing table but i loveeee how this rack looks! might have to try it!
    great blog babe! xx

  2. Awww Thank you so much Emma!!! I had mine shoved in a box and they were so heavy they cracked the box. So I knew I had to make one Lol. I hope you do and you love yours=D

  3. That is so cool! I'm going to have to try one out!

  4. I hope you do it works so great!!=D

  5. Hi Steph! The duct tape is gorg and to confirm, it's from Walmart, too?

  6. It sure is Phey!=D HardWare section. They have some in the arts and crafts but its packing tape not duck tape=D


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