Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wet N Wild New Products!

Today I ran out to my local Walgreens tha just opened up to check out their collection of Wet N Wild products to see what they had in stock=D I was so glad to find some new items. My best friend had told me that they came out with a new Matte Palette & I had no clue! So when I saw it I instantly grabbed it! Last one too=D
As you can tell the pigmentation is AMAZING! If you know me you know how much I LOVE matte eye shadows! I am so glad I was able to find them=D I can not wait to find more and try out the new stuff they are putting out! If there is anything that I NEED to try out comment down below=D

1 comment :

  1. OMG the swatches look amazing! i have been looking all over for this palette....guess it hasn't arrived at my walgreens yet!! =(


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