Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Born Pretty Store Review: #70 Polish!

In early December I was contacted by the lovely Echo from BornPrettyStore and she told me how she loved my nail art work and if I would like to review a product from her wonderful store. I of course jumped at the chance. I have followed Born Pretty for a very long time. Mainly on Facebook so I of course already knew of the online store. I have also heard tons of people on YouTube rave about items they have purchased from the site! So I choose to review....Of course a nail polish!!! LOL Now you guys should know everything in this review is 100% my true opinion. I rarely find items that I dislike and if I dislike something more times then none I will not even bother writing about it unless it is so bad that I must warn followers about it. I also have a habit of looking up reviews of items before I purchase them. So I rarely have hiccups with items I have done research on.

My package from Born Pretty arrived in about 4 weeks. But sadly that was around the time I started having issues with my nails cracking and splitting. It took about 3 weeks to get it under control. I wanted to use this polish that I was sent so bad but had to let my nails heal and they did with the help of Sally Hansens Hard As Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel. I also knew I wanted to pair this with a red polish but had to go out and find it since I usually don't wear a lot of Red polishes. But when I found Loreals Devil Wears Red I knew it was the perfect polish to pair with #70 glitter polish I got from

My Thoughts on #70 Glitter Polish:

*This polish is a gorgeous glitter polish like nothing I have in my collection. It has small golden glitter, & Hexagon shaped glitter in Red, Bright Blue, & Gold, the base is clear.

*The consistancy of the polish is medium. It can be easily layered thinly. I like that when you use this glitter you grab and hold enough of the glitter to coat the nail in one pass. Usually with nail polish that have bigger glitters you have to go back over to get enough of the larger glitter onto your nail. I did not have this problem with #70.

*The only con would probably be the smell. It is a bit strong compared to other polishes. But I am not sensitive to smell. But if you are then I would pass on this. But if your not then this is a great glitter polish.

*The packaging is super cute and I love the angled top!

What I have on my nails:

*Sally Hansens Hard As Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel as a base coat- I love this and use it often because it saved my poor nails Lol

*Loreal Devil Wears Red- I applied two coats of this. I am really enjoying this color. But I really dislike the brush on this one!

*#70 Glitter Polish from BornPrettyStore- I applied this in one coat to my accent nails! I love the look of it!!! Especially the gold with the red!!

*Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat- I used one coat of this, it coated the glitter perfectly and it is 100% smooth!

FINAL LOOK(without flash):

I hope this review helps you guys and I hope you guys go and check out BornPrettyStore they have some great products on their site and this for sure is one of them!

FTC: #70 Polish was provided by Born Pretty Store for my consideration for review. I did not have to review item but choose to because of it's quality. Everything else that is noted was purchased by myself. I am not being paid for my opinion.

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