Tuesday, December 6, 2011

iPad 2!!!

I am so so so happy today I got my IPAD 2!! I have been wanting it for the last two weeks or so and decided why not!! I went to Best Buy early this afternoon to get it...I was so so shocked there are already people in tents lining up for Black Friday!!! Ummmmm no Thank you Lol so I went in to check out the prices and styles and this is what I ended up getting.


*Apple 64 GB iPad 2 with WiFi + 3G in White: This is AMAZING! I don't think I will ever touch my i touch again! It just can not compare because it is so so tiny compared to my ipad2. My daughter asked for my ipod touch so I told her she could have it. I can not express how happy I am=D<-----yea...that doesn't cover it! Lol

*Incase Magazine Jacket for iPad2: This is so great because it protects and acts as a stand..which I love!

*Screen protecter: My hubby has to put it on because we just got home from my daughters 2nd bday party!!=D

*2 Year Warranty: A must have. Unlike Apple Best Buy will give us a brand new iPad2 if anything happends. Apple only gives out refurbished ones when you break or mess them up. Yay for Best Buy!
There you have my BEST BUY HAUL! if you guys have favorite apps or anything let me know down in the comment section below! I am off to go play with my new iPad2!!

Pictures are mine:D                                 Click here for the Best Buy Homepage


  1. yay Steph !!! that's so exciting, omg you're such a lucky girl. I want one although I've yet to figure out why since I have my iphone and well, the ipad is almost like one big iphone right? LOL I hope you absolutely enjoy the hell out of it and I'm sure you will!

  2. It sure is I hold it up to my ear often!!!!! LOL SOrry I totally got a visual when you said that LOL that would be freaking funny though!!! LOL I love it, I completely stopped using my itouch after I got it. I love to read on it and play games!!=D Thank you so so much sweetie I am totally enjoying the crap out of it!!! LOL

  3. hahahahahaha oh man Steph, you crack me up !!! my mom has an ipad 1 and my son is in love with it, he loves angry birds and this trash can toss thing, little brat is not even 3 yet and he can get further on those games than I can LOL


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