Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: Loreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes * Faux Cils!

I received this mascara for Free from Loreal's Face Book page. I won on the first try! I honestly think that was the first time I ever won anything off of FaceBook Ever LOL. So here are my thoughts on this mascara=)

 Loreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Faux Cils:


I am very picky about mascara formulations I do usually gravitate toward the wetter mascaras. This mascara has a drier formulation. I do like the way the first coat applies but by the time you get to the second it is already pretty set and then clumps can happen. So if you have lashes that can work with one coat this is a great mascara for you. I did like how one coat looked on me for like a more "daily" mascara nothing to heavy.


Is actually very nice it is a tapered brush (one of my favorite) it grips your lashes very well and is super easy to work with.

Length & Volume:

I do for sure notice length, and if you are like me that is awesome. My lashes are very short and light.  So this passed for length.
As far as volume you can see that more on the second coat but like I said their will be clumps. Which is not a good thing in my book.


Okay even though I like the color of the tube. There are a few things I do not like. 1. It has pointy edges that you can physically stab yourself with. 2. It is a pain to photograph with a flash Lol But I do like the gold color of the tube. I just wish they went a different way with the tube itself.
All in all I do like this mascara for the natural day to day look. But for night time and moments when I need heavier mascara I will reach for one of my mascaras that are a wetter consistency!

*I received this item for free my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Pictures are mine

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  1. Never used this mascara before, but it looks like it won't do enough for my lashes... I prefer layering my mascaras too :) xo


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