Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review: John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour!

Today I want to review a product that I got and tried for Free Thanks to Rite Aid! =) The item I will be reviewing is the John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour in 4BG Brilliant Brunette Dark Chocolate
I typically do not use boxed hair dye for one the developer is not always good for each hair type (standard developer in each box). If you have been to beauty school like me then you know the best developer to use is the lowest one (I use a 10 and sometimes even 5) you can get your hands on so that it deposits color and does not lift. You also know about the undertones of color like on the color wheel I love using green based colors to cancel out my Red undertones to my hair and over the counter box colorings just do not do that for my hair. Also if you have any blonde in your hair and are going to go back darker (big during this time of year) you must always use a filler. If you do not you will end up redying your hair because your highlights/lowlights will not grab the color as well as the rest of you hair. Also there are different types of hair color Semi-Perm, Demi-Perm,Perm. So it is important to pay attention to your coloring options. There is also application which is a whole nother story Lol (can you tell I love hair coloring, it was and still is my favorite thing I learned and got noticed for in Beauty School! lol) I can spot a streak/mistake from a mile away. But that is just some information to help you guys out especially when doing it on your own at home. So many people tend to make mistakes and then end up having to have some like me fix it. Okay So on to my Review.


*I do think this is better then your standard boxed hair dye in application. Because the foam actually saturates the hair better and allows for less "patches". I hate using the typical bottle application that comes with a boxed hair dye I prefer to do it all with a brush to make sure every strand is saturated.
*When I first saw the amount of product I was like no way is this going to do my whole head. Well it did! And then some.
* Color wise I still wasn't happy Lol it is still the problem of not being able to control the undertones of red in my hair. So of course I picked up my RedKen Shades EQ to redye my hair. Lol
*Price wise this is quite pricey for a drug store hair dye. It retails for $13.98. I am glad I got to try it out for free or I would have never tried it out.
*Made my hair feel a bit dry. I always dye my hair after a day or two of not washing. I got this tip from a RedKen class I attended at the Icee Show in Vegas. Now you don't want your hair dirty with hair spray, gel, etc. Just your natural oils as it helps not strip your hair so much. This one I feel ate at my hair. Then again I have not dyed my hair for almost a year and a half so my hair was so so soft. So it could just be my healthy shine leaving my hair LOL
*The conditoner that came with it was very nice and had a very nice smell.


*I would not repurchase this again strickly for the fact that I do know about undertones and hate when my hair turns red as well as for the price. To pay that much for a boxed hair color it better come out looking fabulous! LOL Which in my case I see Red and I hate it =/
So I hope this helped you guys out the next time you go to pick up your next hair dye!!
Pictures are mine


  1. Love that hair color. It looks so saturated, I wish I could pull off brunette.

  2. I just tried this last week and had almost the exact same results. I like the application and was happy with the color at first and then in a day or two, I felt I could see old color come through! This is way too pricey for a home color when I got better color results from Feria or Redken at Sallys!


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