Friday, August 17, 2012

Wrap Up: Nails Of The Week

This weeks I believe I did my nails a little less then I did last week. But, I really did love two of my designs in particular. Sadly, I also chipped two nails this week on my left hand which made me less inclined to do my nails. As I feel it looks less eye catching since I have tiny nails to begin with. I really need a good nail strengthener.

August 9th:

  • Base Color- Essie's Yogaga- Easily becoming one of my all time favorites=D
  • Accent Nails- Splattered Model's Own Jade Stone & Sinful Colors Star Fish
  • Base & Top Coat- Sally Hansen Hard As Nails (Hardener)

August 11th (Hindi Tattoo Inspired Nails):

  • Base Color- JulieG Fierce & Fab
  • Accent Nails- JulieG Bikini
  • Base & Top Coat- Sally Hansen Hard As Nails (Hardener)
This was easily my favorite design for the week. I just woke up that morning and wanted to do a Hindi Tattoo look! Loved the way it turned out.

August 13th:

  • Base Color- Sinful Colors Timbleberry
  • Accent Nails- Kiss White Stripper & Gunmetal Stripper
  • Base & Top Coat- Sally Hansen Hard As Nails (Hardener)
August 15th:

  • Base Color-Wet N Wild Mega last Salon Nail Color in I need a Refresh-Mint
  • Base & Top Coat- Sally Hansen Hard As Nails (Hardener)

So all in all I have a pretty okay nail week. Aside from the breaking nails part! lol Luckily they are growing back pretty fast. If you guys know of a amazing nail hardener let me know below. Because, the Sally Hansen one is okay. I need something a bit stronger.

Pictures & Content are mine.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much girly!=D I am so glad you like them=D

  2. They're all pretty, but I really love the first one! Yogaga looks better on you than it does on me!


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